F*ck Men! Done with it

Let’s take a moment to literally give a round of applause to all the fucked off loser men in the world who can’t be decent if their lives depended on it.

Yes I said it!

There are far too many losers. But mother fucker it is also my fault for believing that duesche bag number 3 of my bad relationship streak would be redeemable but instead he’s a fuck off too.

So here I sit looking at my bank account that he overdrafted in taking out yet more fucking loans and the best part is that it is fucking pay day and this son of a bitch is so pathetic he overdrafted his bank account again!

The very definition of a loser is where you will find his picture right next to my two other exes. I need to just stop trying to find love because it legit DOESN’T FUCKING EXIST! I’m honestly thinking about picking up my kids and moving far enough away that twat boy can’t find us because he isn’t worthy if either of their time!

I need a fresh start because for the first time in a longtime I am panicking about how alone I actually am, and having a hard time accepting that the man who claims he “loves me” (lying sack of shit) so much can’t keep his shit straight and is probably fucking another whore, or watching porn everyday because he’s such a loser he can’t try to fix his shit! and he’s making it so he can move in with some dumb ass and mooch again because they think he is a great guy until the truth comes out that he’s a drunk with a spending habit.

Thank you Loser for being gone! Have a nice life. Don’t call me or text me or try to fuck with me anymore. I’m out, done and over it! See you in court when I fight for supervised visitations because you are incapable of being responsible. I bet this will help make your case about how you did nothing wrong in your previous case. I’m so stupid to have ever believed you and your bullshit!! Bye


Published by

Niki Maria

I love to be authentic to how I see the world and I grow as a person everyday in my art and love of web development. I have a soft spot for special needs children and adults, and have a son with Autism Spectrum Disorder. My primary focus is to share my love of technology to anyone who wants to learn more.

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