Panic at the Doctors Office!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know I am sick. I decided to go to the walk-in clinic because this cold (possibly bronchitis) is knocking me on my butt. I had to give myself a breathing treatment already and have a painful, awful cough! I am so tired and can’t sleep because of the cough. I am so ready to get some antibiotics and steroids. However, I am sitting here in the waiting room ready to jump out of my own skin! Anyone else ever get super uncomfortable being in public or in a waiting room? I am just feeling like everyone is staring at me and I hate the feeling. Having anxiety for me is like a stepping stone to a panic attack. I am trying to be strong and just force myself to think about anything else (thus the reason for blogging). How do you get through being in a crowded waiting room with panic attacks? Please tell me your secrets peeps! Xo

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The Panic Spot

The most important things to know about me is: 1 - I am a mother to two wonderful, amazing, loving boys named Sebastian and Grayson. They are my best accomplishment and make me proud everyday. Grayson struggles with Autism and we fight as a family to bring him light in his little world. 2 - I live with Panic Attacks, Bipolar, Borderline and an eating disorder. I immerse myself in therapy and take medication to stay sane and healthy. 3 - If I love you, friend, family or boyfriend/husband, I will give you my whole heart without compromise. 4 - I share my story with those who struggle or have a loved one who struggles so anyone may gain insight into what it is like. I am not perfect and I don't have all the answers but I give my all to anyone who needs help. 5 - I believe deeply in family, in love, in friendship and in laughter. These are the 4 most important things in my life. I do have mood sings, I do have bad days and good days. I am here to tell you that I am an imperfect human shedding light on my world and the struggles I survive. Please don't be shy to reach out. xo

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